NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

SODRM Distant Galaxies & Cosmology Programs

This table shows all the SODRM Distant Galaxies & Cosmology Science programs. The columns list the current SODRM program number, the estimated total time (exposure and direct overheads), the title, and the instruments used. Refer to the Distant Galaxies & Cosmology Program Information page for details.

Number Time (hours) Title NIRCAM NIRSPEC NIRISS MIRI
95010 420.4 JWST Ultra-wide NIRCam and MIRI Mosaic of the Extended Groth Strip X     X
95020 487.3 JWST NIRCam and MIRI Mosaic of the Chandra Deep Field South X      
95030 442.4 JWST Ultra Deep Field Imaging Survey X     X
95040 824.6 JWST Wide-Area Spectroscopic Followup   X    
95050 242.4 Grism spectra of deep fields X   X  
95060 447.2 JWST Ultra-Deep Spectroscopy   X    
95070 143.8 MIRI LRS spectra of distant galaxies       X
95080 332.7 Confirmation, photo-z's and Physical Properties of Selected Galaxy Clusters X      
95090 129.5 MIRI MRS spectra of distant galaxies       X
95100 67.2 MIRI Observations of High-Redshift Active Galactic Nuclei       X
95110 103.4 Lyman Alpha Forest Search for Reionization   X    
95120 661.5 Weak and Strong Lensing of SZ-selected Galaxy Clusters X      
95140 43.0 High Redshift SNe/GRB Followup - A NIRSpec TOO   X    
95150 65.1 NIRCam imaging of z~6 QSO Host Galaxies X      
95170 244.3 The Physics of Galaxy Assembly: Spatially resolved spectroscopy of high-z galaxies   X    
95180 254.5 Constraining cosmological parameters with a restframe NIR SN Ia Hubble Diagram   X   X