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Below are links to historical documents that influenced development of science and operations software. When there is a discrepancy between the information in these technical documents and the information in JDox, assume JDox is correct. 

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An Analysis of the Sky Areas Mapped by NIRCam LW Grisms Robberto, M. 2017
An APT Implementation of the JWST Coronagraph SODRM Programs Stark, C. & Van Gorkom, K. 2017
A New Non-Linearity Correction Method for NIRCam Canipe, A., Robberto, M. & Hilbert B. 2017
More Efficient NIRCam Dither Patterns Coe, D. 2017
NIRCam Filter, Weak Lens and Coronagraphic Throughputs Hilbert, B. & Stansberry, J. 2017
λ = 2.4 to 5 μm Spectroscopy with the James Webb Space Telescope NIRCam Instrument Greene, Thomas P., et al 2017
Comparative Study of the Efficiency of Various JWST Coronagraph Observation Strategies Pueyo, L., Soummer, R. & the JWST Coronagraphs Working Group 2016
NIRCam Detector Gain Values in CV2 Hilbert, B. & Rest, A. 2016
NIRCam Reference Files from ISIM CV2 Brooks, B., Rest, A., Hilbert, B. & Robberto, M. 2016
Coronagraphic Operations Concepts and Super-Template Definition for the Astronomer’s Proposal Tool Soummer, R., et al. 2015
Coronagraphs Science Calibration Exposures for JWST Coronagraph Observations Pueyo, L., Soummer, R. & the JWST Coronagraphs Working Group 2015
Correction for Detector Non-Linearity using a Generalized Least Square Algorithm Robberto, M. 2015
CR or No CR? That Is the Question: A Bayesian Solution to an Ancient Dilemma Robberto, M. & Gennaro, M. 2015
Cross-talk Characterization of NIRCam Detectors using ISIM CV2 Images Rest, A. 2015
NIRCam CV2 Testing: Snowball Census Hilbert, B. 2015
Readnoise and 1/f-Noise Characterization of the NIRCam Detectors Rest, A. 2015
Science Use-Cases for the Preparation of Coronagraphic Operations Concepts and Policies Soummer, R., et al. 2015
Characterization of the Pixel-to-Pixel Correlation in NIRCam Detectors Rest, A., Hilbert, B. & Robberto, M. 2014
NIRCam Dithering Strategies II: Primaries, Secondaries, and Sampling Anderson, J. 2014
On the Reference Pixel Correction of NIRCam Detectors Robberto, M. 2014
Generalized Least Square Algorithm to Correctly Perform Linear Ramp Fitting Robberto, M. 2013
Sample Target Acquisition Scenarios for JWST Perrin, M., Stansberry, J., Beck, T., Hines, D. & Soummer, R., 2013
JWST Absolute Flux Calibration II: Expanded Sample of Primary Calibrators Gordon, K.& Bohlin, R. 2012
New Strategy to Correct IR Detector Non-Linearity: Application to WFC3 Data Robberto, M. 2012
On the Linearity Correction of IR Ramps in the Case of Grouped Frames Robberto, M. 2012
Analysis and Usage of Reference Pixels in NIRCam Detectors (without ASICs) Robberto, M. 2011
An Improved Algorithm for the Correction of IR Detector Non-Linearity Robberto, M. 2011
Implementation of a New Algorithm for Correction of Non-Linearity in JWST Detectors Robberto, M. 2011
Level 2a Pipeline Processing of NIRCam Data Robberto, M. 2011
NIRCam Dithering Strategies I: Least Square Approach to Image Combination Anderson, J. 2011
NIRCam Observing Templates Description Sahu, K. & Gordon, K. 2011
Library of Simulated Cosmic Ray Events Impacting JWST HgCdTe Detectors Robberto, M. 2010
NIRCam Optimal Readout II: General Case (Including Photon Noise) Robberto, M. 2010
NIRCam Point Source SNR vs. Filter, Source Brightness and Readout Combinations Robberto, M. 2010
Self-Calibration and the Dither Patterns for NIRCam and MIRI Anderson, J. & Chen, C. 2010
Two Fundamental Equations for IR Ramp Fitting Robberto, M. 2010
An Assessment of JWST’s Ability to Observe Bright Objects in the Solar System Meixner, M., et al. 2009
Derivation of Correct Noise Equation for General MULTIACCUM Readout Robberto, M. 2009
Dither Patterns for NIRCam Imaging Anderson, J. 2009
JWST Absolute Flux Calibration I: Proposed Primary Calibrators Gordon, K., Bohlin, R., Fullerton, A., Beck, T. & Robberto, M. 2009
NIRCam Optimal Readout Modes Robberto, M. 2009
Simple Examples of Simulated NIRCam FITS Data Products Makidon, R., et al. 2009
Transit Observations with NIRCam: Subarrays, Data Volumes and Readout Modes Sahu, K., Stansberry, J. & Kelly, D. 2009
IR Photometry of the JWST Calibration Field Anderson, J. 2008
The JWST Point Spread Function: Calculation Methods and Expected Properties Makidon, R. B., Casertano, S., Cox, C. & van der Marel, R. 2007
An Investigation of Optimal Dither Strategies for JWST Koekemoer, A.M. & Linday, K. 2005