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American Astronomical Society 232nd Meeting

Science Meeting
June 3 - 7, 2018
Sheraton Denver Downtown, CO

The 232nd American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting in Denver, CO will include a variety of events designed to update and prepare the astronomical community for JWST science.

JWST at the STScI Exhibitor Booth

June 3rd-6th, during regular booth hours


"Preparing for JWST Science with the Early Release Science Programs" Special Sessions

June 5th and 6th
Room:  Governor’s Square 11
Sessions:  202, 210, 302, 311

The Director's Discretionary Early Release Science (DD-ERS) program was designed to educate and inform the community regarding JWST's capabilities, and provide rapid access to substantive, representative datasets to enable full scientific exploitation in Cycle 2 and beyond. The 13 selected programs were announced in November 2017, and the teams have already gotten to work on products to fulfill the mission of the DD-ERS. In this session, DD-ERS program team members will give an overview of their planned observations and the science-enabling products they are working on for the community. We will also update the community on the status of JWST and allow time for discussion.

There will be four 90-minute sessions on the following topics:

  1. Distant Galaxies and Cosmic Dawn
  2. Nearby and Resolved Galaxies
  3. Astrochemistry and the ISM
  4. Planets


Session  Topic Time Title Speaker

(June 5)

ERS: Distant Galaxies and Cosmic Dawn 10:40-11:10 Welcome and Introduction to the Early Release Science Program Ken Sembach
11:10-11:30 TEMPLATES: Targeting Extremely Magnified Panchromatic Lensed Arcs and Their Extended Star Formation Justin Spilker


Through the Looking GLASS: A JWST Exploration of Galaxy Formation and Evolution from Cosmic Dawn to Present Day Marusa Bradac
11:50-12:10 Community Dialogue: Conversation with ERS Teams MC: Bonnie Meinke
(June 5)
ERS: Nearby and Resolved Galaxies 2:50-3:20 JWST Status Update Jonathan Gardner
3:20-3:40 The Resolved Stellar Populations Early Release Science Program Karoline Gilbert
3:40-4:20 Community Dialogue: Conversation with ERS Teams MC: Bonnie Meinke
(June 6)
ERS: Astrochemistry and the ISM 10:40-11:00 Establishing Extreme Dynamic Range with JWST: Decoding Smoke Signals in the Glare of a Wolf-Rayet Binary Matt Hankins
11:00-11:20 Radiative Feedback from Massive Stars as Traced by Multiband Imaging and Spectroscopic Mosaics Xander Tielens
11:20-11:40 Ice Age: Chemical Evolution of Ices during Star Formation Melissa McClure
11:40-12:10 Community Dialogue: Conversation with ERS Teams MC: Bonnie Meinke
(June 6)
ERS: Planets 2:50-3:10 The Transiting Exoplanet Community Early Release Science Program Zach Berta-Thompson
3:10-3:30 ERS Observations of the Jovian System as a Demonstration of JWST’s Capabilities for Solar System Science Al Conrad
3:30-4:20 Community Dialogue: Conversation with ERS Teams MC: Bonnie Meinke