NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

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JWST at the 48th Annual Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting (Joint with EPSC)

Training Workshop
October 16 - 21, 2016
2016 AAS Division of Planetary Sciences Meeting, Pasadena Convention Center, CA

The James Webb Space Telescope will be prominently supported during the upcoming meeting of the AAS Division of Planetary Sciences, which is going to be held at the Pasadena Convention Center, California. We have organized a number of events during the meeting to help potential JWST observers of Solar System objects plan their proposals.  A comprehensive outline of the scheduled activities is provided below.


Workshop on the JWST Early Release Science (ERS) Program

  • Sunday, Oct. 16, 1pm - 4pm (Room C106)
  • JWST Project Status
  • Description of the JWST Director's Discretionary Time Early Release Science Program
    • Goals of the program
    • Proposal requirements
  • ERS vs. Guaranteed Time programs
  • Proposal planning tools overview


  • Tuesday, Oct. 18, Noon - 1:30pm (Room C103)
  • JWST Project Status
  • Invited: High-resolution imaging with JWST (Will Grundy)
  • Box lunch included for 1st 50 participants

Exhibitor Booth

  • JWST Observatory and Instrument flyers
  • Astronomer's Proposal Tool demos
  • Exposure Time Calculator demos