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JWST Community Lecture Series - Director's Discretionary Early Release Science Program (J. Lee)

Community Lecture
September 14, 2016 03:00 PM EDT - September 14, 2016  04:00 PM EDT
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The launch of JWST is scheduled for October 2018, and proposal deadlines for the first cycle of observations are quickly approaching in the next 18 months.  This talk provides an overview of the JWST science timeline, with special focus on the Director's Discretionary Early Release Science program (DD-ERS).  The overall goals of the DD-ERS program are to accelerate the diffusion of JWST know-how, and expand early opportunities for the community to gain experience with JWST data and scientific analysis.  In service of these goals, DD-ERS proposals will be invited from the community, and selected for their potential to aid researchers in learning to exploit the science capabilities of JWST early in its mission.  Features that distinguish DD-ERS from the standard General Observer (GO) program will be discussed.