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JWST Community Lecture Series - JWST Absolute Flux Calibration Program (K. Gordon)

Community Lecture
November 15, 2016 03:00 PM EST - November 15, 2016  04:00 PM EST
Webex Only


The JWST absolute flux calibration program is based on observing a set of stars to provide a unified, robust flux calibration across all JWST instruments.  The set of calibration stars has been chosen to include the three categories: hot stars, A-type stars, and G-type stars.  All three categories have pedigree in past flux calibration programs as their flux density distributions can be predicted via stellar atmosphere modeling or comparison to the solar spectrum.  The JWST calibrator sample has been defined to provide a range of fluxes matched to the sensitivities of the JWST instruments.  Observation with the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes will provide transfer between brighter calibration targets as well as a robust cross-calibration to these two telescopes.  Ongoing work is focused on extending the sample to fainter targets to provide full coverage for NIRCam/NIRISS imaging and improving the accuracy of the predictions based on stellar models and templates. Community involvement in the JWST absolute flux calibration is welcomed and some loose collaborations with other flux calibration efforts will be mentioned.