NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

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JWST Community Lecture Series - JWST Astrometric Calibration (J. Anderson)

Community Lecture
November 29, 2016 03:00 PM EST - November 29, 2016  04:00 PM EST
Baltimore STScI Muller Bahcall Auditorium


It took longer than people expected to get good distortion solutions for Hubble, but JWST will need a high-precision solution from day 1.  For this reason, in 2006, we constructed an astrometric standard field in the LMC (in the CVZ) in order to enable an immediate solution during commissioning and to allow a long-term monitoring program.  I have written a Technical Report that describes how this field can be used to extract a solution for all instruments good to better than the 5 mas requirements. I will also discuss how the field can be used for other things as well:   a higher-precision solution, L-flat calibration. and PSF extraction.