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JWST Community Lecture Series - Observing Solar System Targets with JWST (J. Stansberry)

Community Lecture
February 14, 2017 11:00 AM EST - February 14, 2017  12:00 PM EST
Baltimore STScI Muller CafeCon

I will summarize how observers can plan JWST observations of moving targets (objects within the solar system). I'll address limitations on observing geometry, apparent rate of motion, and epoch, as well as brightness limits and sensitivity for the four science instruments in the context of solar system bodies. Initial modeling of the effects of scattered light, relevant for observations of satellites of the giant planets, is underway. I will present preliminary results from that effort, and discuss possible implications.  Nominal science operations are scheduled to begin in May, 2019, but open time proposals  are due in just over one year.