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Linking Exoplanet and Disk Compositions

Science Meeting
September 12 - 14, 2016

This workshop will gather scientists working on the compositional characterization of planets and planet-forming regions in protoplanetary disks. Recent and upcoming advancements make it timely to have a round-table conversation among the several communities involved, to join forces in tackling our most compelling questions on the origins of exoplanet diversity. Do exoplanet compositions retain the imprint of large-scale disk processes? Do disks include compositional trends that imprint on planets? What do we learn in this context from observations of Solar System bodies? And what can we test with observations of disks and exoplanets in the near future? We intend to identify long-lasting and observable links between exoplanet and disk compositions, to help the community in shaping the essential parameter space to cover with existing and upcoming observatories for exoplanet and disk characterization.

Invited Speakers

Conel Alexander (Carnegie DTM)
Uma Gorti (SETI, NASA Ames)
Mike Line (ASU)
Jonathan Lunine (Cornell University)
Christoph Mordasini (University of Bern)
Ilaria Pascucci (University of Arizona)
Sean Raymond (University of  Bordeaux)
Leslie Rogers (University of  Chicago)

Science Organizing Committee

Andrea Banzatti (Space Telescope Science Institute, chair)
Nikole Lewis (Space Telescope Science Institute, co-chair)
Daniel Apai (University of Arizona)
Fred Ciesla (University of Chicago)
Jonathan Fortney (UCSC)
Sarah Horst (Johns Hopkins University)
Inga Kamp (Kapteyn Inst. Groningen)
Amaya Moro-Martin (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Karin Oberg (Harvard CfA)
Klaus Pontoppidan (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Olivia Venot (Katholieke Univ. Leuven)
Marie Ygouf (Space Telescope Science Institute)