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The 8th Meeting of the JWST Advisory Committee (JSTAC)

Committee Meeting
November 21 - 22, 2013
STScI, Baltimore MD

The JSTAC met at STScI on Nov 21-22nd, 2013. During the meeting, the NASA HQ Acting Program Director, the GSFC Program Manager, and the Senior Project Scientist for JWST each presented updates on the Program budget, schedule, status, and Science Working Group activities. STScI also presented several talks on the status of community interaction initiatives, ongoing work on building data simulations, and the overall readiness of the Science and Operations Center. The Science Mission Office at STScI shared with the committee some ideas on JWST observing cycles, different types of potential proposal categories, and the Early Release Science program and asked the committee for advice on these topics.  More information is available on the JSTAC page.