NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

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User Training in JWST Data Analysis Workshop

Training Workshop
May 6 - 8, 2015
STScI, Baltimore MD

STScI hosted a workshop to introduce the data analysis tools and framework being developed for JWST's user community.  Analysis tools for JWST are being written in Python and distributed as part of Astropy, a community Python library for astronomy. The meeting will include topics like Python for the Novice User and Getting Familiar with Astropy. Most of the meeting will focus on Astropy tools, and follow the workflows of a few example use cases for data analysis to illustrate how the tools which currently exist fit within this framework. A major component of the meeting is enabling hands-on use of tools and activities related to solving data analysis challenges, soliciting feedback, and collectings suggestions for improvement.

Workshop Presentations

Date Topic
May 6 Various presentations (webcast)
May 7 (morning) Tutorial on photutils/imutils (webcast)
User Training Introduction (slides)
May 7 (afternoon) Tutorial on Spectral Viewing/Fitting (webcast)
JWST Status (slides)
JWST Pipelines (slides)
Plans and Timelines for Data Analysis (slides)
May 8 (morning) Tutorial on Glue Linked-View Visualization (webcast)
May 8 (afternoon) Wrap-Up/Discussion of Software Development Priorities (webcast)