NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

A New Look for the JWST Observer Website

News Feature September 28, 2018

Image showing the redesigned JWST Observer home page.

Updated 10/31/2018: The launch of the redesigned JWST website has been delayed to resolve a technical issue. 

As part of a larger website redesign effort at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) to consolidate our digital properties, at the end of October the JWST Observer website will become part of the STScI site. The new look of the website reflects the design of the parent site. The content and organization of the JWST Observer website will not change much. The site will have a structure similar to the current site, with the same high-level sections and information. In some cases, the new design allows us to consolidate information that previously was shown on individual pages, resulting in a better user experience overall.

The website URL – – will remain the same so that you can easily get to the JWST Observer section home page. Within the section, you will find up-to-date information related to JWST news and events, proposal planning, observing programs, documentation, and more.

NOTE: If you have bookmarked specific pages of the current site, you will need to update your bookmarks with the new URLs after the redesigned site is live at the end of the October.