NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

Additional Resources Added to JDox for Cycle 1 Call

News Feature December 6, 2017

Illustration showing JWST User Documentation (JDox) home page content.

In support of the Cycle 1 call for GO proposals, additional resources have been added to the JWST User Documentation (JDox) site to assist with proposal preparation. These resources include:

  • Science Use Cases for all four JWST instruments, designed to walk users through the steps for crafting a JWST proposal, using example observations as a reference.
  • Help videos to assist users with the various proposal tools, such as “Getting Started with JWST APT” and “Building ETC Sources and Scenes.” Videos are also available for the NIRSpec Observation Visibility Tool and the NIRSpec MSA Planning Tool.
  • Best Practice Tips and Tricks, currently available for NIRISS and MIRI.
  • Information about new tools, including the Backgrounds Tool, NIRSpec Observation Visibility Tool, and NIRSpec MSA Spectral Visualization Tool. 
  • New articles on Observing Techniques.

Additionally, targeted search functionality has been added to improve the users' ability to narrow down their search by category.

Currently, JDox contains over 550 pages of articles. Please check back frequently as we continue to enhance it to allow us to respond to and inform the community throughout the JWST mission.

If you have any questions about JDox or the proposal process, please reach out to the JWST Help Desk.