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James Webb Data Analysis Development Forum Releases SpecViz Version 0.4.0

News Feature August 29, 2017

The James Webb Data Analysis Development Forum (JDADF) is happy to announce the release of SpecViz version 0.4.0. SpecViz is a one-dimensional astronomical spectral visualization and analysis suite. It’s being actively developed by Space Telescope Science Institute as companion software for James Webb Space Telescope data, but is designed generically to support all types of astronomical spectral data.

Its features include:

  • Custom file loading
  • Fast, interactive visualization
  • Plotting tools: use quick tools to manipulate your spectral plot display
  • Live data statistics: get information about particular regions of your data
  • Measurement tools
  • Spectral slicing: isolate spectral features on their own layers for specific analysis
  • Interactive model fitting: built-in models and fitting routines allow for quick and easy analysis
  • Model export and import: save complex models for future analyses, or to share with others
  • Model Arithmetic: specify advanced arithmetic operations for models
  • Layer arithmetic: high-level data manipulation through spectral arithmetic
  • Extensible plugin infrastructure

We are still in the early days of developing documentation and creating helpful tutorial material, but we are aiming to provide a useable interactive interface to astronomical data that can easily integrate with workflows.

If you use this software for your own data analysis, please let us know your experience,  comments, and desire for particular features. Here are some useful links to help you use the software and to contact us:

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