NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

New Design for Debuts

News Feature October 2, 2018

Image showing the redesigned home page.

On October 2, 2018, the Space Telescope Science Institute relaunched the website with a fresh, new design and updated content. provides comprehensive information to the public about the science to be conducted by JWST.

The new website is the result of months of effort by a team of writers, designers, and web developers at STScI, working together with the JWST project at NASA. It improves the end user experience through a new site navigation and structure intended to make finding information easy through the use of filtering and layouts that present related content in a meaningful way. The responsive design displays properly on a variety of platforms including mobile devices. displays a variety of engaging visuals to attract and retain a general audience.

The site spans the full variety of science that JWST will pursue, from the early universe and the assembly of galaxies, to the birth of stars and planets, to exoplanet characterization and Solar System science. Within these categories, a selection of articles explains the science of JWST clearly and concisely, as well as general concepts such as spectroscopy and the nature of infrared light

The site will be regularly updated with news features that highlight planned JWST observations that have been selected as part of the Guaranteed Time Observations and Director’s Discretionary-Early Release Science programs. Videos, infographics, and other content also will be added on an ongoing basis.