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Next JWST Proposal Planning Workshop Takes Place in December

News Feature October 10, 2017

JWST Proposal Planning Workshop on December 11-14, 2017 in Pasadena, CA.

Registration is now open for the JWST Proposal Planning Workshop to be held in Pasadena, CA on December 11-14, 2017. This workshop will take place shortly after the announcement of the programs selected under the first JWST open call for proposals (the Directory Discretionary Early Release Science Programs), and shortly before their observing files (meant to serve as models for the general observer community) become public. Therefore,  the workshop will coincide with active proposal preparation for the next open call for proposals. Its goals are to provide general information regarding JWST capabilities, proposal process and opportunities, and hands-on teaching for the proposal planning tools, including the Exposure Time Calculator (ETC), the General Target Visibility Tool (GTVT), the Coronagraphic Visibility Tool (CVT), and the Astronomer's Proposal Tool (APT).

Use cases will include:

  • Multi Object Spectroscopy of bright and faint sources
  • NIRCam and MIRI Coordinated Parallel Imaging
  • NIRISS Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy
  • NIRSpec and MIRI Integral Field Spectroscopy
  • NIRCam and MIRI Coronagraphy
  • NIRISS SOSS and NIRCam Time Series

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