NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

Opportunities to Learn More about JWST Guaranteed Time Observation Programs

News Feature February 15, 2017

The James Webb Space Telescope’s (JWST) Cycle 1 science observations will include portions from the Director’s Discretionary Early Release Science (DD-ERs) (JDox), General Observers (GO), and Guaranteed Time Observation (GTO) (JDox) programs.  The GTO programs will be the first to be defined for JWST Cycle 1.  Although the GTO observation descriptions and target lists will not be finalized and publically available until June 15th, 2017, many GTO teams have elected to provide details of their programs to aid planning for the Cycle 1 DD-ERS and GO programs.

The JWST GTO programs will also be highlighted at the 230th AAS meeting in Austin, TX as part of a six session “Meeting-in-a-Meeting”.  During these sessions, members of the GTO teams will describe how they turned their science goals into JWST observing programs. Sessions will span a broad range of topics and include JWST proposal planning tool use cases .