NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

White Papers

In the course of working on the development of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the Science Working Group and other scientists working have written a variety of white papers describing science programs that might be accomplished with JWST. Several of these are listed below. Astronomers interested in learning more will find these papers a good place to start.

These white papers reflect the thoughts and advice of the Science Working Group (SWG) and other project scientists on the capabilities to build into the JWST system. They do not imply what science must be carried out with JWST, since nearly all of the observing time on the observatory will be subject to open competitions. There are, of course, many other discussions of potential JWST science in the refereed literature.

Title Author Year Flyer
Added JWST Science Cases for the Timeframe 2012-2015 Calzetti et al. 2005
Astrobiology and JWST Seager et al. 2004
Comparative Planetology: Transiting Exoplanet Science with JWST Clampin et al. 2010
Coronagraphic Detection of Exosolar Planets with JWST Clampin et al. 2007
Detection of Planetary Transits with the James Webb Space Telescope Clampin et al. 2007
First Light and Reionization: Open Questions in the Post-JWST Era Stiavelli et al. 2009
Frontier Science Opportunities with JWST Kalirai 2011
Galaxies Across Cosmic Time with JWST Windhorst et al. 2009
James Webb Space Telescope Project: Science Requirements Document Gardner et al. 2012
James Webb Space Telescope Studies of Dark Energy Gardner et al. 2010
JWST Planetary Observations within the Solar System Lunine et al. 2010
Observations of Transiting Exoplanets with the JWST Beichman et al. 2014
The Scientific Capabilities of the James Webb Space Telescope Gardner et al. 2009
Scientific Role of the James Webb Space Telescope in “New Worlds, New Horizons” Hammel et al. 2010
Solar System Observations with JWST Norwood et al. 2014
Stellar Populations with JWST: The Beginning and the End Meixner et al. 2009
A Strategy To Study First Light with JWST Stiavelli et al. 2007
Studying Resolved Stellar Populations with the James Webb Space Telescope Brown et al. 2008
Transiting Exoplanet Simulations with the James Webb Space Telescope Batalha et al. 2013
JWST Study of Planetary Systems and Solar System Objects Sonneborn et al. 2009